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The fishing heritage of the southern Costa Brava

The fishing heritage of the southern Costa Brava

22.09.2022 Culture


The impressive rock of Sa Palomera, which separates the Bay of Blanes (in the north) and the beach of Sabanell (in the south), is considered the door to Costa Brava. Just in front of there is the old fishing neighbourhood of the village, called the S’Auguer neighborhood, which goes from the Promenade la Marina to S’Auguer Street. The white facades of the houses on the seafront still preserve their marine essence.

From there you can see the Blanes harbour, located in a natural bay belonging to the beach. In 1872, the construction of a portbase was proposed, which began to be built in 1916. Due to the precarious economic situation and the country’s political instability, it was in 1945 that the first phase was considered finished. Years later, extensions were made to the port, such as the current fish market (fish unloading and auction space), which dates from 1994. The fish from the market, which was traditionally sold in Es Portal, in the Square of Verge Maria, is currently sold in the Square Dies Feiners.

The city of Blanes still preserves three hermitages related to the sea: the Hermitage of Mare de Déu de l’Esperança, in the Street Nostra Sra. de l’Esperança 67; the Hermitage of Sant Francesc de Blanes, located in Street de l'Ermita 10, next to Cala de Sant Francesc, and the Hermitage de la Mare de Déu del Vilar, located on the hill of Vilar, 9 kilometers from Blanes.

The first is a hermitage that served to guide the ships to reach a safe port, since then the boats were moored on the beach, and it was also the place where the jurors of the village (equivalent to the current councilor) deliberate about the public affairs. The second is a hermitage built in 1681, it was an initiative of the Atunes fishing patrons of Cala Bona in gratitude for a fishing concession. And the third, is a seafaring devotion hermitage characterized by its theme in engravings and paintings of the scenes of shipwrecks and storms, as well as in the sgraffito decoration of lobsters, starfish, and fish on the porch.

harbour of Blanes


Lloret de Mar

Lloret de Mar was initially a small fishing village that grew after overseas trade. Many Lloretencs sailed to the Americas to make a fortune and, when they returned, they built large mansions on the city's seafront promenade and financed some charities. Check out our post about the Lloret de Mar Indian past to find out more.

In the town of Lloret there are monuments and buildings dedicated to the sea. On the Coastal trail that goes to Cala Banys is the Dona Marinera (Street of Josep Tarradellas 5-7), a 2.40 meter sculpture sculpted by Ernest Maragall in homage to the fishermen and sailors 's wifes. The legend says that anyone who touches the foot of the statue looking at the horizon will see the wishes come true.

The Hermitage of Santa Cristina, located in Santa Cristina beach, is a hermitage dedicated to the Lloret de Mar patron saint, protector of the sea people. The procession to the Hermitage of Santa Cristina and the S'Amorra Amorra regatta during the Santa Cristina festivities are just some of the events related to the sea world which is still preserved in the south of the Costa Brava. Read more about them in our post about the Santa Cristina Festivity.

The right place if you want to discover the maritime history of the city is the Maritime Museum at Paseo de Camprodon i Arrieta 2. The museum has an important collection of ships, objects and materials related to the sailing world. You also cannot miss Es Tint in the alley of Sant Miquel 6, the place where fishermen used to dye their fishing nets. It is one of the last places on the Costa Brava where this work was discovered; It also has a part of the museum with old photographs and memories of families dedicated to fishing.

Dona Marinera Lloret de Mar


Tossa de Mar

It is said that Tossa de Mar is one of the most beautiful towns in Costa Brava. In the old town you will find many places related to the city's fishing heritage, such as the Tossa de Mar lighthouse, essential infrastructure for navigation and fishing. Inaugurated in 1919, it is one of the most recent lighthouses in Costa Brava.

In the beach of Tossa de Mar, between the river walkway and the wall, is Es Racó, a beached area for fishing boats. As its name indicates, it is a small coastal corner seen from the same beach with the wall in the background, it seems to have lasted the passage of time. Right in front of this area, on the Street de ses Peixateries, is Ses Peixateries, an area for selling fish until the mid-1990s, when the last fishmonger called Paquita Ros was retired. A few meters away you can find the sculpture "La Peixatera de Tossa", which evokes the Tossa de Mar past seafaring.

In the city center, specifically in the Street Mare de Déu dels Socors, is the Socors Chapel, a chapel dedicated to seafaring devotion and built by Antoni Caixa, the Patron Saint and merchant. He built the chapel at the end of the 16th century. Just a few meters away are the gardens of Palma Avenue, where you can see the bronze sculpture of the Remendadora, by the artist Josep Puig, dedicated to the women who repaired the broken fishing nets, one of the oldest trades related to the sea starring women.

If the town of Tossa de Mar stands out for something, besides its beauty, it is for the seafood cuisine. This fishing village has made gastronomy the common thread between the traditional fishing and the present seafaring culture, and dishes such as cim i tomba have become a real town emblem. Discover here the traditional dishes of the Costa Brava gastronomy.

Es Racó Tossa de Mar


Hotels in the south of Costa Brava

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Hotel Rosamar & Spa Lloret de Mar
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