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Beaches and coves in Lloret de Mar

Beaches and coves in Lloret de Mar

29.07.2021 Nature

In summer the temperatures rise and all you want is go for a swim on the beach. The town of Lloret de Mar, on the Costa Brava, has several urban beaches and hidden coves that makes it a perfect destination to go on a family, couple or friends vacations.

In addition, the city can boast of being one of the Catalan towns with more “Blue Flags”, an award that is awarded annually by the European Foundation for Environmental Education for those beaches and harbours that meet an environmental and facilities conditions.

Read on to discover all the beaches and coves that this beautiful coastal town hides.


Cala Canyelles

Cala Canyelles is in the town extreme north, halfway between Lloret de Mar and Tossa de Mar. It is a beach with thick white sand, characteristic of most of the beaches in Lloret de Mar and in the Costa Brava.

This cove is located next to the Canyelles residential area and has the only seaport in Lloret de Mar, the Canyelles Maritime Port.

To access to this cove is really easy. By car, you should go along the road that leads to Tossa de Mar and turn right when you see the cove signpost. In addition, it has a parking, so you can park right in front of it. In addition, there is an access going by foot, following the route marked by the GR 92.

It is one of the beaches in Lloret that has the “Blue Flag” award, concerning to the environment development and respect in the tourist areas.


Sa Caleta

Sa Caleta is a small cove located between Cala Canyelles and Lloret beach, perfect for those who want to enjoy the calm and tranquillity of the Mediterranean.

It is located right in front of the Castle en Plaja, one of the most iconic and emblematic buildings in Lloret de Mar, owned by the Girona business manager Narcís Plaja Martí, married to María Vilà i Ruyra, niece of the writer Joaquim Ruyra.

Small fishing boats pile up on the shore of this picturesque cove surrounded by pine trees.

To get there, you can go along the Lloret de Mar beach promenade or from the coastal path Camí de Ronda.


Lloret de Mar Beach

The Lloret de Mar beach is located in the city centre, just in front of the Vila Square (Plaza de la Vila). This beach of thick white sand is the longest in the town of Lloret de Mar, with a length of more than a kilometre and a half.

In it you can perform a wide variety of water activities, such as water skiing, parasailing, kayaking, or going on jet skis. It also has a multitude of services to enjoy a day of sun and sea in total comfort, as well as being accessible for people with reduced mobility.

This beach has the distinctive "Blue Flag", complying with a series of environmental, educational, safety and accessibility criteria.


Cala Banys

Cala Banys is a rocky cove without sand with an approximate length of 100 meters. It is perfect for fishing or snorkelling, since it is very quiet and you will find different rock fish, very characteristics of the Costa Brava.

In the cove you will find a historic bar-restaurant, with a large terrace with sofas and a quiet atmosphere, perfect to relax and enjoy a good cocktail.

It is easily accessible by foot from the Lloret de Mar beach, through the coastal path Camí de Ronda, or by car through the Sant Joan Castle, in the town of Blanes.


Fenals beach

Fenals beach is the second largest beach in Lloret de Mar, with an area of 700 meters in length. It is located in a bay sheltered from the winds by a massif that separates it from the city centre.

Due to the type of sand and extension, it is quite similar to the large beach of Lloret de Mar, although it is a bit quieter and less crowded.

It has many services and leisure activities for young and adults, such as skate and kayak rental, water skiing or tourist cruises in the area, as well as, having the “Blue Flag” award.

It is one of the main beaches of Lloret de Mar, it is located to the southwest city and can be easily accessed from the city centre.


Sa Boadella

With only 250 meters in length, Sa Boadella claims to be one of the quietest coves in Lloret de Mar. It is a characteristic Costa Brava cove, with crystal clear waters and typical Mediterranean vegetation. In addition, it has always been a beach with a nudist tradition, so there is a specific area for these swimmers.

It is also one of the least accessible beaches, which makes it perfect for those who want to get away from the multitude of large beaches. To get to this cove, you have to walk a dirt road with a fairly unevenness.

Like other beaches in Lloret, it also has the “Blue Flag” award.


Santa Cristina beach

Santa Cristina beach is one of the most beloved by the Lloret de Mar residents since it takes its name from the patron saint of the city. It is a small semi-urban beach, less than 500 meters long, located to the south of the city centre.

It is a quiet beach with a privileged location that protects it from the wind and waves, so its waters are constantly calm.

To get there, it must be from the parking lot of the Santa Cristina Hermitage, where you can find a foot path, that goes down to the beach.

This beach also has the “Blue Flag” award.


Cala Treumal

At the southern end of Santa Cristina beach, between two rocks on the right, we can find Cala Treumal. This cove, barely 200 meters long, surrounded by pine trees, is located at the bottom of the Pinya de Rosa tropical botanical garden.

It stands out for its natural environment, surrounded by cliffs and lush vegetation, and for being further away from the crowd areas. It must be considered that this cove, as it has a steeper slope, gets a greater swell than the Santa Cristina beach.


Hotels in Lloret de Mar near the beach

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Our Rosamar Maxim hotel, located on the seafront, just in front of Sa Caleta and a few steps from Lloret de Mar beach, has rooms with incredible sea views, which makes it perfect for romantic getaways and relaxing holidays in couple.

The Rosamar Garden Resort hotel, located less than 5 minutes from the beach, is in a slightly quieter inland area, but at the same time very close to the beach and the city centre. It is a hotel perfect for families because it has gardens, swimming pools and even water slides.

The Rosamar & Spa, Rosamar Es Blau and Rosamar Maritim hotels are located at the northern end of the Lloret de Mar promenade, between Lloret de Mar beach and Sa Caleta. In addition, the first two have a spectacular spa, free for those customers who have made the reservation through our website.

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