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Sea products from the Costa Brava

Sea products from the Costa Brava

16.03.2023 Culture

There are many products from the Costa Brava that have become internationally renowned. In this post we will focus on the most appreciated sea products: sea urchin, prawns, anchovies and rock fish. We tell you what they are, how and when they are caught and how these products are used. We are sure that you will be surprised!


Sea urchin

Garoinas or sea urchins are one of the most appreciated mollusks on the seabed of the Costa Brava. They have a spherical shape and are covered with spikes. In Catalan they are known as garoines, garotes, uriços or eriçons de mar.

The part that is eaten is the five gonads inside, which are the genital glands that are in charge of making the reproductive cells. Although externally the males and females are the same, internally they differ because the male gonads are more yellow and release a white liquid, while the female ones are redder and tastier in the kitchen.

Garoine fishing is highly controlled. Its extraction is prohibited between April and September, which is when they reproduce, so it is only allowed to catch them during autumn and winter, in apnea by hand or with a traditional garotera. To be able to fish them for your own consumption, it is necessary to obtain a recreational fishing license and you can only catch a maximum of 150 sea urchins per person per day.

To eat them, you must separate the gonads from their base with a cut. This juicy, soft meat with a marked sea flavour is usually eaten raw, seasoned with a little lemon or served with toasted bread. A good occasion to taste them is at the Garoinada gastronomic festival, in Palafrugell (Baix Empordà).



You cannot talk about the marine products of the Catalan coast without mentioning the prawns. Its exterior has an intense red colour and its meat is fine and tasty, which is due to its diet based on algae and minerals from the Mediterranean Sea.

Although these crustaceans are also caught in Blanes (La Selva), Arenys de Mar (Maresme) or Roses (Alt Empordà), the most popular are the Palamós prawns, caught between Cape Begur and the Ridaura stream in Platja d'Aro (Baix Empordà). It is said that they are one of the best in the world for their strong and sweet flavour.

During the 1950s, fishermen introduced the technique of trawling and shrimp fishing gained considerable weight in the Costa Brava fishermen's associations until it reached the international renown and recognition it has today. Due to the strong impact of this fishing technique on the seabed, during the months of January to March it is prohibited to fish using trawling to protect the seabed and protect this species.

The best way to taste them is lightly grilled with a little salt, pepper, and olive oil. Also noteworthy is its preparation in a fish stew (typical dish of the fishermen of the Catalan coast) and carpaccio or tartare.

Palamós prawns



One of the best-known seafood products on the Costa Brava are anchovies, salted anchovies. It is blue fish, very tasty and with an intense flavour, popular for its high content of Omega 3, which helps reduce cholesterol levels.

The municipality of l'Escala is especially known for its anchovies. Anchovies from L’Escala (in Catalan, anxoves de l'Escala) require meticulous preparation: they are cleaned, the bone and interiors are removed, leaving only the fillets, and they are prepared by salting, a technique introduced by the Greek and Roman colonies. who settled on the peninsula to preserve the ingredients for longer. Before eating, they must be washed with water to remove excess salt.

It is an ingredient that allows numerous combinations and does not require excessive handling. It can be eaten alone, seasoned with a little olive oil, or accompanied by toasted bread with tomato, although they are also often added to salads, cocas de recapte (salted coca typical of Catalonia), or pizzas.



Rockfish is the most traditional gastronomic element of Begur (Baix Empordà). On the rocky and sandy shores of this town on the Costa Brava you can find a great diversity of fish.

We understand rockfish as a group of species that live in shallow waters and on rocky outcrops. They measure about six inches in length, have a large head, an orange colour on the outside.

They have many thorns and that makes them not appreciated at the table. Its meat is firm and it has a great flavor and a strong smell of the sea, which is why they are perfect for preparing broths, suquets, or other stews. Some of the most used fish are the red scorpionfish, the monkfish, the grouper, the cuckoo, the imperial sardinian or the black croaker.

Traditionally, rock fish was considered a fish for the poor. Being difficult to sell, it became part of the diet of fishermen. Currently, this humble fish, to be eaten slowly and with great care for its bones, has reached the most prestigious kitchens, acquiring the category of luxury dish.

suquet de peix dish

If you want to discover which are the most outstanding products of the Costa Brava, take a look at our post.


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