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Traditional Costa Brava dishes

Traditional Costa Brava dishes

28.04.2022 Culture

The Costa Brava, besides to its spectacular beaches and coves, presume its own gastronomy. Some of the most emblematic dishes are only served in a few towns, while others can be found in almost the entire north of the Catalan coast. Discover here the best dishes of the Costa Brava!

Cim i tomba

Cim i tomba is the quintessential Tossa de Mar dish. It is a recipe for monkfish and vegetables (potatoes, onion, garlic, tomato, and other vegetables) is basic but tasty.

Its origin goes back to the fishermen who carried a stove, charcoal and an iron pot in the boat, although in the past it was not made with monkfish but with fish with no commercial value. Currently, each restaurant has its own variant of this dish made with white fish.


Bastina amb trumfos

The name of this recipe is specific from Tossa de Mar, although it is very likely that you have tasted similar dishes elsewhere in the Mediterranean. Bastina amb trumfos is a baste (ray) stew with potatoes.

Although it is a dish that may remind you of the cim i tomba, the bastina amb trumfos is a soupy dish (with a stir-fry of onion and tomato and plenty of fumet), the potatoes are boiled, and the fish cooked is the skate.


Anchovy Suquet

Anchovy suquet (in Catalan "suquet d'anxova") is a traditional recipe in many towns on the Costa Brava, especially in Tossa de Mar, even though it is also cooked in Lloret de Mar, Blanes and L'Escala.

Like the cim i tomba, this was a dish cooked by the fishermen on board the boat. It is a fish-based stew where anchovies are added. This type of fish is a great source of fatty acids, omega-3, nutrients, and anti-inflammatory properties, perfect for the cardiovascular health.

Crab rice

Crab rice (“cabra de mar” in Catalan) is a traditional dish from different towns in La Selva region, in the Costa Brava south. It is cooked in a Catalan cast-iron or cast-aluminium casserole, so it is a juicy rice, rather soupy.

This is costly dish because of the higher spider crab price. In Tossa de Mar, for example, it is usually eaten in one of the most important dates of the year, the Sant Pere festivity.


Truita de bullit

Truita de bullit is a traditional omelette from the Empordà, on the Costa Brava north, is made with fried vegetables from the pot (potatoes, carrots, artichokes...), but without eggs. It is one of the most traditional Empordà meals in the farmhouses, but at the same time a difficult dish to get.



Brunyols are a traditional sweet from the Emporda region. They are fritters of airy dough fried and shaken with sugar. The uniqueness of these Emporda fritters is that "they are poorly made", they are not round or equal. They are usually cooked in family during the Holy Week, specifically on Holy Thursday.




Taps are a traditional sweet from the town of Cadaqués. They are sponge cakes with sugar and butter, sweetened on top and shaped like champagne corks ('taps' in Catalan). They are usually eaten as a dessert with syrup or flambéed with rum, and as an afternoon snack.


Carrot cake

One of the most Empordà typical desserts together with brunyols and taps, is the carrot cake. The traditional recipe for this coca is made with eggs, sugar, lemon peel, raisins, flour, and grated carrot. Once the dough is baked, it is left to cool until it gets the room temperature and is ready to eat!

carrot cake

If you liked this post about some of the most traditional Costa Brava dishes, look our post about typical products of the Costa Brava.


Hotels in Costa Brava

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With Rosamar Hotels, enjoying the best gastronomy is a piece of cake!

hotel rosamar es blau lloret de mar

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