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Santa Cristina festivity, patron saint of Lloret de Mar

Santa Cristina festivity, patron saint of Lloret de Mar

15.07.2021 Local festivities

On July 24th, the Lloret de Mar summer festival (“festa major”) is celebrated, in honour of Santa Cristina, patron saint of the city.

Despite Lloret de Mar is a city well known for its nightlife than due to its traditional celebrations, the Santa Cristina festa major is one of the local festivities that you cannot miss if you are in Lloret de Mar or on the Costa Brava during that weekend.

Throughout this day different events are held, the Santa Cristina Hermitage procession, the S’Amorra Amorra regatta and the traditional dance in the Plaza de la Vila (“Ball de Plaça”) stand out.

If you want to know more about these events that take place every year during the Santa Cristina festivity, we invite you to keep reading this post.

1. The procession to the Santa Cristina hermitage and the S’Amorra Amorra regatta

As every year, the festa major events in summer start with the maritime procession to the hermitage of Santa Cristina in Lloret de Mar.

At 7:30 in the morning, the residents of Lloret de Mar (formerly the "workers of Santa Cristina") go through the main streets of Lloret de Mar announcing the start of the procession.

Half an hour later, around 8:00h, the procession by foot starts from the Church of San Román to the Lloret de Mar beach of where fishermen's boats, motorboats and different type of boats keep the journey to the Santa Cristina beach, accompanying the ship that carries the image of the patron saint Santa Cristina.

Before reaching the beach, the traditional S'Amorra Amorra sailboat regatta is held, nine boats belonging to the Nautic Club, the Marina Casinet Club, Obreria of Santa Cristina, Obreria of Sant Elm, the Hotels Union Association, the Fisher Rowing Club, the cityhall, Es Vano and the Sant Romà Rowing Club.

When you can see the Mare de Déu de Gràcia Hermitage in Lloret de Mar, all the boats stop to sing the Salve Marinera while the participants raise their oars as a sign of respect. At the end, the regatta starts going to the beach.

Once on the Santa Cristina beach, the delegation walks up to the Santa Cristina hermitage (located between Santa Cristina beach and Cala Treumal). The Solemn Mass takes place in the sanctuary and afterwards a traditional lunch with stew is offered under the Pi Gros hill shadow.

At the end of the events, around 12: 00h, it goes back to the maritime procession until the Lloret de Mar church.

According to the tradition every year on Santa Cristina’s Day, the residents of Lloret go by foot to the Chapel of Santa Cristina, located three kilometres from the centre, to celebrate the "High Mass". To make the pilgrimage of the faithful lighter, the authorities were asked for permission to make the itinerary by sea, hence the origin of the current maritime procession.

2. Ball de Plaça

Ball de Plaça or Dansa de les Almorratxes is a traditional dance held every year on 24th and 26th July in Plaza de la Vila of Lloret de Mar.

The dance principal actors are four couples, made up of four girls, who dress long, and four boys, who are dressed in dark colors. The girls, also called "workers of Santa Cristina", are selected annually and they choose their partner ("ballador").

During the first part of the dance, slow, ceremonious music is played and the couples dance holding hands. Afterwards, the girls take a glass container ("almorratxa") containing perfumed water and throw it on the floor, recalling the story between an Arab and a Christian woman. The act ends with festive music known as "Toquen a Córrer".

According to legend, when the Catalan coast was attacked by Muslims, a young rich Arab man fell in love with a Christian maiden from Lloret de Mar. The young man tried to make her fall in love, but the girl always rejected him.

One day, when a dance was taking place, the young Arab appeared in front of the crowd dressed in his best clothes and walk to the maiden offering her an almorratxa containing perfumed water, which was used to perfume the girls during traditional dances.

The girl, outraged by the daring, picked it up and threw it to the floor where it broke into pieces. The boy, ashamed, returned to his origin country and the sad girl, locked herself in a convent. 

3. Other Santa Cristina festivity events

The procession to the Santa Cristina hermitage, the S'Amorra Amorra regatta and the Ball de Plaça are the most relevant events on July 24, but the Santa Cristina festa major has plenty events (music concerts, Sardana dances, children's activities, stage play...) starting the week before.

One of the most expected events, which will be carried out with all security measures, will be the Spanish group performance Mclan, for the benefit of the “Xatrac” association, at the Som de Mar Festival on 21st July at 10pm at Fenals beach (Punta Garbí) in Lloret de Mar, all tickets are already sold out.

4. Hotels in Lloret de Mar

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