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Recommendations to practice more sustainable tourism

Recommendations to practice more sustainable tourism

28.09.2023 The world of Rosamar

September 27 is World Tourism Day. To raise awareness about the practice of sustainable tourism, in this post we will give you some tips to travel in a more responsible and respectful way and generate the least possible impact.


1. Before you travel, get informed 

In order to have a more enriching experience when travelling, it is important to learn about the destination you are going to. Knowing its history, culture, gastronomy, religion, language, fauna and flora will allow you to better appreciate the place and be more respectful of its people. 

In addition, finding out about its main tourist attractions, events and activities will allow you to make the most of your trip, as you will be able to plan ahead and discover new experiences. 


2. Support the local community

Boost the local economy through responsible consumption. Promoting small businesses can help boost employment in the area and improve working conditions for local workers.

You can also help the local community by giving visibility on social media to the causes you have collaborated with or the businesses you have supported so that other travellers can follow your example.

local and proximity trade


3. Respect the surrounding flora and fauna

Do not interfere with the natural state of the environment in which you are travelling, and if you must, do so as little as possible. When doing outdoor activities, make sure they are environmentally friendly and have little or no impact. If you go to the countryside, forest or mountains, always follow the marked paths so as not to harm the local flora and fauna. 

Taking photos with animals can be cruel behind the cameras. Don't take photos with wildlife that you can touch, as this often involves illegal animal trafficking and mafias that mistreat them.


4. Avoid overcrowding

Encourage the dispersion of tourists by travelling out of season or visiting less known and less touristic destinations. 

If you are in a pristine site or sensitive ecosystem, do not indicate where it is on social media to avoid the crowding effect. Avoiding overcrowding when travelling can contribute to a more authentic and less stressful experience.


5. Generate as little waste as possible

Pay attention to what you consume and try to generate as little waste as possible. Although disposable packaging is a convenient option when travelling, avoid using disposable products whenever possible.

Never forget your waste in nature, and if you come across other people's rubbish, pick it up and dispose of it in the right place. Remember that you can still recycle when you're on the road.

water glass


6. Don't buy animal or archaeological products

Travellers play a key role in nature conservation. Certain products or souvenirs may be made from parts of protected animals or plants. Support the fight against species trafficking that is driving entire populations to the brink of extinction.

Typical examples are animal skins and shells, corals, shells, sand from the beach or stones from archaeological sites. Before buying a souvenir, check its origin; and if in doubt, don't buy it.


7. Your individual actions count

Although it is easy to think that the decisions we make individually when we travel have a minimal impact, the reality is that we have a great responsibility

Actions as simple as using your towel for more than one day, moderating your heating or air conditioning consumption or using your own travel products instead of hotel amenities can make a big difference.

sustainable transport bicycle


8. Stay in a responsible establishment

Choose an accommodation option that is committed to the environment and the surroundings, such as Rosamar Hotels, certified by Bioscore as sustainable hotels.

All five hotels have measures for energy efficiency and savings, plastic reduction, waste recycling, promotion of the local economy and reduction of food waste. Visit the Corporate Social Responsibility page and find out about all the practices carried out for optimal environmental and social management.

The sustainable measures you take on your journey are a small step towards a greener and more conscious world. Your choice can change tomorrow's world!

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