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The family hotels of Rosamar Hotels receive the Little Foodies accreditation

The family hotels of Rosamar Hotels receive the Little Foodies accreditation

04.08.2022 The world of Rosamar

Hotel Rosamar & Spa, Hotel Rosamar Garden Resort and Hotel Rosamar Maritim from Rosamar Hotels have received the Little Foodies certification, a seal of quality created by Lloret Turisme and the Alícia Foundation, a center for technological innovation in cooking and improvement of healthy eating habits. This accreditation certifies the Rosamar Hotels family establishments guarantee a healthy and balanced diet for children during their holidays.

The audit has been carried out by professionals from the Alícia Foundation following the plate method, according to which children's menus must be made up of 50% vegetables, 25% carbohydrates and 25% protein foods and the water as the main source of hydration

It has been assessed that the food served to children in the establishments is safe (in accordance with regulations, adapted to allergies and/or intolerances and presented safely), sufficient (adequate amounts), balanced (made from vegetables, whole foods...), ecological (with fresh, seasonal and local food), economical (price adapted to the quantities served), practical (encourages the children autonomy), ethical ( consider the children as one more diner and the basic families rights are guaranteed), significant ( the presence of dishes from the territory) and stimulating (attractive dishes and encourage gastronomic discovery).

kids eating healthy

In total, 14 hotels and 6 restaurants in the town of Lloret de Mar, on the Costa Brava, have received this accreditation in children's catering. The Mayor of Lloret de Mar, Jaume Dulsat, and the Bars, Restaurants and Cafeterias Councilor, Lara Torres, have been in charge of delivering this certification to the different hotels and restaurants in Lloret de Mar.

In addition to the certification, the Alícia Foundation has developed a program aligned with a global tourism strategy and quality experiences in Lloret de Mar focused on families and children.


Family hotels in Lloret de Mar

Traditionally, children's food during the holiday period has been linked to unhealthy and repetitive menus. Increasingly, families are looking for establishments that can guarantee healthy food for their children during their holidays.

At Rosamar Hotels we have three hotels for families with children in Lloret de Mar where we guarantee a balanced diet for both adults and children.

Hotel Rosamar & Spa is a 4-star superior hotel located on the beachfront. The hotel has a wide gastronomic offer, with 3 restaurants and a bar: the main restaurant, the Café Ferretti Restaurant, the Grill Avi Pere Restaurant and the Ona Pool Snack Bar. It also has a children's pool with slides for the little ones.

Hotel Rosamar Garden Resort is a 4-star all-inclusive hotel located just 300 meters from the main beach of Lloret de Mar. It has a main restaurant and two bars, Bar Marys and Pool Snack Bar Goofys. In addition, it also has 3 outdoor pool areas and an area with slides and water attractions for you to enjoy with your family.

Hotel Rosamar Maritim is a 4-star hotel located in front of Lloret de Mar beach. For dining, the hotel has its own restaurant and a bar-café. There is a terrace with swimming pool, gym and sauna, among other services.

Come and enjoy your family vacations with Rosamar Hotels!

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