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5 books to give away on Sant Jordi

5 books to give away on Sant Jordi

13.04.2023 Activities in Lloret Culture

On the day of Sant Jordi, April 23, the streets and squares of Catalan towns and cities are filled with people and stalls. Traditionally, during this day, men give roses to women and women, books to men. Coinciding with International Book Day, we recommend you 5 books on Catalan culture to give to someone who wants to discover more of the Catalan territory.


Lo mejor de la Costa Brava y el Empordà, from Lonely Planet

If you want to discover the coast of Girona and the interior of the Empordà regions, one of the books that you should consider is Lo mejor de la Costa Brava y el Empordà (The Best of the Costa Brava and the Empordà). In this travel guide you will find all the information about the towns, coves and beaches and the Caminos de Ronda on the Costa Brava, as well as advice and recommendations from local experts to enjoy authentic experiences in the region with the Lonely Planet’s seal of quality, one of the best travel guides publishers in the world.


101 destinos de Cataluña sorprendentes, by Sergi Reboredo

Whether it is your first time in the Catalan region or if you already know these lands, this book is perfect for you. 101 surprising destinations in Catalonia (101 destinos de Cataluña sorprendentes) includes a selection of singular and not so well-known destinations, avoiding the most popular and tourist enclaves. The Anaya Touring publishing house, specialized in travel guides for all types of travelers and destinations, publishes this book by Sergi Reboredo that seeks to decentralize mass tourism in large cities and promote more respectful tourism.

rose book Sant Jordi Catalunya


Viaje por la Costa Brava, by Xavier Moret

Josep Pla, Salvador Dalí, Ferran Adrià, Ava Gardner, Frank Sinatra, Roberto Bolaño, Elizabeth Taylor, Truman Capote, Carmen Amaya, Orson Welles... They all fell in love with the Costa Brava long before the massive arrival of tourists. In his book Viaje por la Costa Brava (Trip along the Costa Brava), Xavier Moret travels through space, visiting its coves and cliffs, classical gardens, futuristic urbanizations and Greek ruins; but also in time, recalling the life of the towns of the Costa Brava before the arrival of tourism. An essential book to discover the entire history of this corner between cliffs dyed by the blue of the sea and the green of the pines.


La cuina de la Costa Brava i el Pirineu de Girona, by Jaume Fàbrega

The province of Girona has become in recent years one of the gastronomic epicenters of the country, being the cradle of numerous gastronomic geniuses such as Ferran Adrià or the Roca brothers. But it is also much more than that. Girona cuisine is also the cuisine that is made at home and in anonymous restaurants. The cookbook La cuina de la Costa Brava i el Pirineu de Girona (The cuisine of the Costa Brava and the Pirineu de Girona), by Jaume Fàbrega, includes more than two hundred culinary proposals from the sea and the mountains, halfway between tradition and modernity.


Roots. Essential Catalan cuisine according to El Celler de Can Roca, by Joan Roca

Joan Roca, chef at the prestigious El Celler de Can Roca restaurant in Girona, presents Roots. Essential Catalan cuisine according to El Celler de Can Roca. A small tribute to the roots of Catalan cuisine with more than one hundred and twenty recipes explained in a simple way that are complemented by observations on the products, preparations, versions and presentations of each dish. Traditional recipes such as fried calamari, cannelloni, fish stew or Catalan cream, which his mother Montserrat has always prepared at the Can Roca restaurant, where he began cooking.


If you want to know more about this Catalan tradition, see our latest publication on the Diada de Sant Jordi.


Hotels on the Costa Brava

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