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What to see in Lloret de Mar in one day

What to see in Lloret de Mar in one day

26.10.2023 Activities in Lloret

Do you have 24 hours to visit Lloret de Mar? It is possible to explore one of the best-known towns on the Costa Brava in just one day. We tell you the main places to visit in the town of Girona so that you can make the most of your stay.


GR92 and the Castle d'en Plaja

Start the day with a walk along the coast of Lloret de Mar, following the GR92 that reaches the town of Tossa de Mar.

As soon as you start, you will find one of the most emblematic buildings in Lloret de Mar, the Castell d'en Plaja, a majestic neo-Gothic style castle located on Sa Caleta beach, owned by the Girona businessman Narcís Plaja Martí and built by the Girona architect Isidor Bosch i Bataller.

You don't need to go to the neighbouring town to enjoy the rugged Costa Brava and its lush forests. You will have about 7 kilometres round trip to Cala Canyelles to delight in the beauty of this corner.


The Lloret of the Indianos

Returning to the centre of the town to immerse yourself in the Lloret of the Indianos, inhabitants of the town left for the Americas to make their fortune and when they returned, they contributed to the urban transformation of Lloret de Mar.

Visit the Can Font House-Museum, a modernist-style building built in 1887 by order of the Lloret-born Nicolau Font i Maig and the only public Indian-style house-museum preserved in Catalonia.

Also don't miss the Church of Sant Romà, in Plaça de l'Església, a Gothic-style religious building, later renovated thanks to the Indians with mosaics using the trencadís technique, characteristic of the modernist movement.

church of sant roma lloret de mar


Restaurants in Lloret de Mar

Time to open your mouth. Lloret de Mar has a varied gastronomic offer, with restaurants serving traditional and international cuisine. Check out the best restaurants in Lloret de Mar and recharge your batteries.


Gardens of Santa Clotilde

Get back on track by strolling through the Santa Clotilde Gardens, considered the best Mediterranean botanical garden in Europe. They are located on a cliff between Fenals beach and Sa Boadella beach and were designed by the architect Nicolau Rubió i Tudurí following the Italian Renaissance model.

In addition to the vegetation typical of the Mediterranean basin, the gardens have overlapping terraces, paths, ramps, stairs, sculptures, fountains, and ponds. A spectacular place to relax, breathe the fresh air of the Costa Brava and enjoy the views of the Mediterranean.

gardens of santa clotilde lloret de mar


Cala Banys cocktail bar

In the middle of the afternoon, if the weather is good, we recommend the exclusive Cala Banys cocktail bar, located in a rocky cove between Lloret de Mar beach and Fenals beach.

Although they serve a wide variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails, if you want to try a typical Lloret de Mar cocktail, your choice has to be the daiquiri, made with white rum, Caribbean lime juice, white sugar, crushed ice and a few maraschino drops. Although it is popular from Cuba, the person who perfected this cocktail in a popular bar in Havana was none other than a man from Lloret.


Monument to the Dona Marinera

On a cliff between this small and cosy cove and the large beach of Lloret de Mar is the monument to the Dona Marinera, a bronze statue more than two meters high that honours the women of the ancient seafaring era of Lloret de Mar.


Accommodation in Lloret de Mar

Now that you know what to visit in the town of Lloret de Mar in just one day, discover the best accommodation options in Lloret de Mar. Choose from the five Rosamar Hotels hotels, all of them located in the centre of the town and certified by Bioscore as sustainable hotels.

Hotel Rosamar & Spa, Hotel Rosamar Garden Resort and Hotel Rosamar Maritim are family hotels in Lloret de Mar. They have swimming pools, entertainment, and sports activities for the little ones, but also services and facilities for adults.

Hotel Rosamar Maxim Adults Only +21 and Hotel Rosamar Es Blau Adults Only +21 are adults-only hotels in Lloret de Mar. These hotels have specialized and exclusive facilities and services for people over 21 years of age.

Book now at Rosamar Hotels and come enjoy the most emblematic places in Lloret de Mar!

hotel rosamar es blau double room lloret de mar
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