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Your safety, Rosamar Hotels’ commitment


At Rosamar Hotels we want to thank you for your trust, patience, and loyalty during these challenging times for all of us.

For us, the most important thing is your peace of mind. Do not let the fear of Coronavirus stop you from going on holidays to Lloret de Mar this summer.

At Rosamar Hotels we are implementing regulations against the spread of COVID-19, and our commitment is to guarantee your safety during your holidays.

You and your family will be able to rest at ease in our hotels every summer. We will incorporate stricter safety and health measures into our usual protocols, to guarantee the proper functioning of our facilities and minimize the risk of contagion.

And, as always at Rosamar Hotels, we will do so while maintaining our high-quality standards in all services available.

At Rosamar Hotels we follow all the current safety regulations and the use of masks is mandatory since July 9th. Our services will remain active at all times. For eating, bathing and sunbathing, you can remove the mask, always keeping the minimum distances established.

The entry into service of all services will be carried out according to the Government of Spain’s official calendar, and will vary depending on any modifications that may be made in the future.

Some services and activities may be affected by the new security measures against COVID-19

These are the safety and health measures that we have taken at Rosamar Hotels to guarantee a holiday without Coronavirus on the Costa Brava:

Front desk and common areas
- Mandatory hand disinfection.
- Security screens at the reception desk.
- Reduction of document manipulation, with the implementation of online check-in and communication of the mobile application to check information on hotel services and hours.
- Credit card payment recommendation.
- As a customer, you will receive and must sign a declaration of knowledge and acceptance of the established hygiene and health prevention measures, indicating that your repeated non-compliance will be grounds for application of the right of admission.
- Reduction of capacity in the elevators, which can only be used together with members of the same family.

- Disinfection and deep cleaning of the rooms at each client’s checkout.
- Daily cleaning will insist on disinfecting all surfaces, objects and decorative elements, airing the room and replacing clothing individually.
- Cleaning staff will wear gloves and masks, and hands will be disinfected before each new room.
- The amenities are limited to the essentials.

- Staff will wear personal protective equipment, such as a mask.
- The hours of breakfast, lunch and dinner may be modified during your stay.
- Access will be controlled to limit the capacity and avoid crowds.
- Use of marks to keep interpersonal safety distance in the queues, and increase the safety distance between the tables.
- It will be mandatory to disinfect your hands to access the restaurant and wear a mask to approach the buffet.
- Disposable tablecloths and disinfected cutlery on each table.
- Disinfection of tables and chairs after each diner.
- Drinks will be served at the table, and show cooking, desserts and other dishes will be served in single-dose presentations.
- Improvement of natural ventilation.

- Staff will wear personal protective equipment, such as a mask.
- It will be mandatory to disinfect your hands to access the bars.
- Use of marks to keep interpersonal safety distance in queues.
- Drinks will be served individually at the bar counter or at the tables.
- Menus will be removed and will be replaced by posters or will be available at the hotel application.
- Disinfection of tables and chairs after each client.
- Increase of the safety distance between the tables.

Swimming pools
- Water will be disinfected with suitable products.
- Increased frequency of control and cleaning of the area.
- Hammocks will be separated to maintain the interpersonal safety distance.

Spa and gyms
- Staff will use personal protective equipment.
- Disinfection procedures for all material and furniture will be reinforced.
- Limitation of capacity to take care of the safety distance.
- Hydroalcoholic gel dispenser at the entrance.
- Mandatory use of towel on all sports equipment, and cleaning of the machines before and after use with disposable paper will be required.

- The entertainment program at each hotel will be adjusted to the official health and safety recommendations for each moment, and activities in which it is not possible to maintain the safety distance may be canceled.
- Activities for children between 4 and 7 years may suffer changes, as to guarantee the minimum interpersonal safety distance between children.
- Cleaning is reinforced, especially the disinfection of places and elements in use in games or sports.
- The staff will use personal protective equipment, such as masks, in addition to reinforcing their personal hygiene measures.
- The entertainment, for both adults and children, will be at the Hotel Rosamar Garden Resort.

Lloret de Mar City Council has followed all the guidelines set by the WHO to guarantee that every summer Lloret de Mar is the safest possible destination. Lloret de Mar access protocols and security measures:

- Use of new technologies to calculate and control the percentage of capacity of the beaches.
- In Lloret and Fenals beaches, it is recommended to follow the sectorization created by the City Council and which divides these beaches into zones by age groups: Senior citizens, adults with children and groups of friends or people without dependents.
- The surveillance and control service will be reinforced both on the promenade and on the beach by civic informants, civil protection and lifeguards.
- Civic informants will distribute information brochures for tourists and residents informing of the safety instructions.

If you have other questions about your holidays or need to clarify any matter regarding your booking, we are here to help!

Contact us through our form or through the phone at +34 972 36 44 22.

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