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Temporada Alta festival 2023

Temporada Alta festival 2023

07.09.2023 Culture

A new edition of Temporada Alta, a leading performing arts festival held in autumn in the counties of Girona, is coming up. Check out the full programme of the festival and get your tickets!


What is the Temporada Alta festival?

Temporada Alta is a performing arts festival that has been held since 1992, mainly in the cities of Girona and Salt, during the months of October, November, and December. It is a festival that stands out for the quality of its theatre, music, and dance, although in recent years artistic disciplines such as music and film have been gaining in presence and importance.

It is a festival deeply rooted in the territory and the cultural fabric of the counties of Girona. Over the last few years, it has grown territorially and has multiplied the number of exhibition spaces.

Over the years, it has established itself as one of the leading festivals on the national and international scene, where the big names on the international scene share the stage with national talent and emerging proposals.


Audiences of the Temporada Alta festival

The recommended ages are variable and specific to each show, although the festival's extensive and varied programme includes many family activities and shows suitable for all audiences.

There are also visual shows and plays with surtitles suitable for people with hearing difficulties and sound and sound performances suitable for people with visual difficulties.

Although some of the shows may be performed in special venues and may involve access difficulties, most of the venues are equipped and accessible for people with reduced mobility.

non solum sergi lopez


Programme of the Temporada Alta festival 2023

This year 2023, as always, the festival will feature a multitude of shows from different disciplines. Of particular note are the 18 new in-house productions and international co-productions, including Face T(W)O, promoted by institutions from 11 countries. In addition to several theatrical and musical premieres, Temporada Alta offers several family shows and a new comedy series. 

If you don't want to miss anything, check out the entire Temporada Alta programme here.

FitzRoy theatre play


Tickets for the Temporada Alta 2023 festival

You can buy your tickets for this edition of Temporada Alta through the festival's official website or in person at the ticket offices of the Teatre Municipal de Girona, the Auditori de Girona and the Teatre de Salt.

If you can't find tickets, you can put yourself on the waiting list, a service designed to alert you in the event that new seats go on sale or seats that have not been taken.


Hotels in the province of Girona

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