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Cycling tourism in Girona: a destination for bike lovers

Cycling tourism in Girona: a destination for bike lovers

17.08.2023 Sport

The Costa Brava and the Girona Pyrenees have become one of the most desired cycling destinations in southern Europe. They have a wide network of secondary roads, tracks and trails that offer many kilometres of routes to ride in complete safety.

Road bike lovers can enjoy the best coves in the Mediterranean, medieval villages between volcanoes and high mountain passes in the Pyrenees in the same outing; while mountain bike lovers have very favourable terrain to carry out this modality.

In addition to the variety and beauty of its landscapes, one of the reasons why this area is a true dream destination for lovers of road, mountain or gravel biking, are the sun and the pleasant temperatures practically all year round.


The beginnings of the cycling boom in Girona

The growing specialization of the province of Girona as a cycling destination has a lot to do with the fact that the people of Girona have lived with many professionals in this sport. Johnny Weltz, former professional cyclist for the Fagor team, was one of the pioneers in choosing this area as his training venue in 1986, although the turning point came when the team of the famous American cyclist Lance Armstrong settled in the city of Girona.

The commitment of the big professional teams has generated a call effect to many cycling professionals who have decided to settle in the area to train. Since then, the province of Girona has developed enormous potential as a sports destination, with all kinds of shops and specialized services for cyclists.

Girona city cyclists


Cycling routes in Girona

One of the most complete routes near the city of Girona is the Hincapie Loop, which crosses the Gavarres massif. Also close to Girona, the Rocacorba and Mare de Déu del Mont route links two of the most representative Girona peaks.

One of the most spectacular routes on the Costa Brava, although somewhat demanding and long, is the coastal road from Lloret de Mar or Tossa de Mar passing through the Cadiretes massif and Les Gavarres. In the Girona Pyrenees is the Vallter 2,000, an ambitious route that starts near Olot and climbs the Catalan cycling ceiling of 2,150 meters of altitude.

The network of greenways has more than 140 kilometres of old train tracks that connect the towns of the Pyrenees and the Costa Brava. One of the longest routes to do by bike in the province of Girona is the Pirinexus, 353 kilometres that connect the Girona regions with the Catalan-speaking French area by greenways, rural roads and local roads.

Another long and spectacular route is the Ter route, 220 kilometres from Vallter 2,000 following the path of the river Ter to its mouth in the Mediterranean, at the well-known Gola del Ter.


Cycling competitions in Girona

Due to the large number of fans and professionals of this sport in the province of Girona, a wide variety of cycling competitions are currently organized.

For those who want to start or are more amateur, the most outstanding tests are the Sea Otter Europe Costa Brava-Girona, the Girona Cycling Festival, the Terra de Remences, the 100% Tondo, the Gran Fondo Lloret-Costa Brava, the 3 Nacions, the Gran Fondo DlaX, the Cadí Challenge and the Transpyr Backroads. While, in the professional field, the essential tests are the Volta a Catalunya and the Tour of Spain.

Mountain bike lovers can enjoy internationally recognized events such as the Tramun, the Banyoles and Girona International Catalan Cup or stage races such as the Girona MTB Challenge, Transpyr Coast to Coast and Catalunya Bike Race.

cycling race


Shops and cafes for cyclists in Girona

In recent years, a large number of shops dedicated exclusively to bikes have proliferated in the city of Girona. Some of the ones worth knowing are Velodrom Girona (carrer de l'Argenteria, 9), The Service Course (carrer del Nord, 10), Eat Sleep Cycle (carrer del Vern, 3), DOSOFFTRACK Taller de Bicicletes (carrer de la Barca, 19) and Escapa Girona (carrer Josep Flores, 54, in Sarrià de Ter).

Another of the services for cyclists that does not stop growing are specialty coffees. Girona is one of the cities with the highest ratio of cycling cafes per inhabitant. The ones you should know are La Fábrica (carrer de la Llebre, 3), Espresso Mafia (carrer de la Cort Reial, 5) or Federal Café (carrer de la Força, 9), Hors Catégorie (carrer del Perill, 3), Eat Sleep Cycle (carrer de l'Albareda, 15) and La Comuna (carrer de Bellcaire, 7).


Hotels for cyclists in Girona

Rosamar Hotels, in the town of Lloret de Mar, in the south of the Costa Brava, has two hotels that are perfect for cyclists. Hotel Rosamar & Spa and Hotel Rosamar Es Blau Adults Only +21 have a wide variety of specialized services for your cycling route, such as bicycle parking, equipped with a water compressor, washing area and repair kit; bicycle rental service through specialized companies, or special menus for athletes.

In addition, these hotels also have their own wellness center, with a sauna, hammam and a relaxation area with thermal loungers and sensation showers (totally free for customers who have made the reservation through our website) and a gym with machines bodybuilding, toning, treadmills, ellipticals and abdominal bench.

Don't miss out on the best hotels for cycling holidays on the Costa Brava!

Hotel Rosamar & Spa Lloret de Mar
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