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Relaxing nature sounds of the Costa Brava

Relaxing nature sounds of the Costa Brava

25.03.2021 Well-being

Today we bring you a gift for your ears: the most relaxing sounds of the Costa Brava. These were recorded in emblematic and quiet places in the Costa Brava, the best spot for a perfect relaxing holiday.


The sound of the Mediterranean sea in Santa Cristina’s beach

The roaring sound of the Costa Brava sea is unique, perfect for sleeping, studying or meditating. Play the video below to create the perfect relaxing atmosphere.

Let yourself be carried away by the sound of the sea from Santa Cristina’s beach and experience what it feels like to lie on the best beaches in Lloret de Mar.



The sound of the sea besides Cavall Bernat’s footpath

In this recording, you will listen to how the waves crash against the Costa Brava rocks in Platja d’Aro (Empordà). Along the footpath known as Cavall Bernat, there are different bays and beaches surrounded by cliffs and rocks. When the water collides with them, it generates an unmistakable sound that will relax you as the water spreads through the rocks crevices. It will make you feel as if you were caressing the water itself while it gently slips out of your hands!



The sound of the Can Fornaca forest

This recording is completely different from the previous ones, as it was captured in the middle of a forest located in Caldes de Malavella, a small village near Girona.

This audio will transport you to the heart of the forest, where you will feel like you are walking barefoot through the forest all by yourself. The creaking of the pine tree needles, the singing of the birds, or the wind blowing through the treetops, will make you unwind in such a way that you will feel like you have just woken up inside a tent on a spring outing.



The sound of the Capçaleres del Ter and Freser Natural Park

Almost everyone relaxes when hearing the sound of water, but this water doesn’t always have to be sea water. In the mountains you can also find amazing sounds that you can help you relax or even help you concentrate at work.

Listen below, we offer a sound that is located at an altitude of almost 3.000 meters, which is where the Natural Park of the Capçaleres del Ter and del Freser is. Close your eyes and imagine yourself at this park in the Catalan Pyrenees!



The harmonic sound at Punta Falconera

We will finish this article, with a very special and unique sound, located in Punta Falconera. A headland on the coast of Roses (Alt Empordà) with incredible views and landscapes.

It was created by Edgar Tarrés, a mindfulness expert who merged nature sounds with the magical sounds of Tibetan bowls and gongs.



If you are interested in the subject of meditation and have felt relaxed whilst listening to these sounds, we suggest you take a look at our article 10 stress-busting for relaxing your mind. There you will find various ideas that will help you reach a meditative state or that will simply help you rest.

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