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8 ways to surprise your partner at home or in a long distance relationship

8 ways to surprise your partner at home or in a long distance relationship

21.01.2021 Adults only

Being in a relationship it’s wonderful, you always have someone to watch a film with or to talk after a hard day at work. However, both members have to cooperate to keep the relationship strong and healthy. Whether you've just started dating, have a serious relationship or married, you’ll find the perfect idea to surprise your partner with our list below!


Romantic ways to surprise your partner at home

If you are married or live with your partner, surely you know that sometimes it is difficult not to fall into the routine. Also, the chores of daily life can take away precious time to dedicate to our loved ones ... But that does not mean that there is no time for surprises. Here are some easy ideas to surprise your partner at home:


1. Give him/her a spa treatment

Prepare a bath with dim lights, relaxing music, scented candles, rose petals in the water ... You can also complement the surprise with a skin care kit or comfy bathrobe. After the relaxing bath you can prepare a massage session with pleasant essential oils.


2. Make a memorable romantic dinner at home

Another way to surprise your partner without leaving home is making a romantic dinner. Plan an evening with his/her favourite food, a delicious dessert, candles, music to give a romantic atmosphere and, if you love to have fun and laugh together, why don’t you try a challenges and questions game?


3. Print and frame a photo of you both on that unforgettable trip

It is always important to remember those wonderful shared memories. Therefore, a small gift such as framing a photo of you two together can be the perfect gift to decorate your love nest.


4. Make a normal day a special day

If you want to be surprise your couple, don't wait for important dates, unexpected surprises are much more special! Get him/her out of the routine and plan a day full of surprises and happiness, start with the things he/she likes: breakfast in bed, favourite restaurant, unexpected gift, surprise party with his/her friends ... We all love to be pampered every once in a while!


How to surprise your partner in a long distance relationship?

Do you have a long distance relationship? Do you spend a lot of time apart? Sometimes, due to work or other circumstances, you cannot be with your partner on your anniversary, Valentine's Day or special dates. Long distance relationships are not easy, but we leave you some tips to surprise your long distance partner.


5. Send a plant or a gift basket

You don't have to live in the same house to send flowers to your loved one. If your partner is a plant lover, or he/she just love to decorate the house with flowers, make it a surprise! If plants are enough, you can also create a basket with more gifts, the most important thing is that he/she does not expect it!


6. Deliver food

Can you imagine it? You come home tired of working and not really wanting to cook and surprise! You get food from your favourite restaurant. Just make sure they haven't made plans to eat out! There are also companies that deliver breakfast at home, send him a delicious breakfast on his holiday!


7. Surprise visit

If your partner is one of those people who love surprises, what better gift than a weekend together? If you live far from your partner, arrange a surprise visit with a friend or relative and plan a romantic getaway to make up for the time you were apart.


8. Send a gift card for your next holidays together

If for whatever reason you still cannot meet with your partner, don't let the long-distance relationship get cold, start organizing your next holidays!What better gift than a romantic holiday on the wonderful beaches of Costa Brava! At Rosamar Hotels we have designed a personalized gift card so that you can send it by e-mail to the person of your choice. With the Rosamar Plus gift card you can choose the amount of money you want to spend, and you can exchange it for an unforgettable stay in Lloret de Mar. A great way to keep the spark alive when you are apart.


Surprise your partner with a romantic getaway on the Costa Brava

Do you know what adults only hotels are? They are hotels where just adults can stay, therefore, this kind of hotels offer specialized services and facilities specifically designed for adults. They are the best accommodation for a couple's holidays, where you will find tranquillity and the perfect atmosphere to enjoy a magical stay with your loved one.

The best adults only hotels in Lloret de Mar for couples:

Rosamar Es Blau - Adults Only **** s: This elegant hotel is located on the beach in Lloret de Mar, with continental breakfast, buffet restaurant, fitness studio, outdoor pool with snack-bar and spa area with sauna, hot tub, bathroom Turkish and indoor pool.

Hotel Rosamar Maxim - Adults Only ****: Amazing hotel for couples with stunning views of Lloret beach. If you want to wake up and have breakfast by the sea on the Costa Brava, this is your hotel! You will enjoy a swimming pool, gym, sauna and a sea views solarium.

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